Thirty-eight passengers recently embarked on the world's longest regular bus journey. The 10,000-mile journey from London, England to Sydney, Australia will take twelve weeks and span twenty countries.

Along the way, the passengers will see many exciting things including the historic city of Prague, Gallipoli the site of World War I, remains of the mud-walled town of Bam (Iran), Taj Mahal (India), Mt. Everest (Tibet), the world famous Borobudur temple (Indonesia) and of course the beautiful, world-renowned Sydney Harbor, when they reach their final destination.

Except for one short stretch between East Timor (Indonesian island) and Darwin (Australia), where the passengers will take a short flight, the entire journey will be on the bus.

The passengers on this inaugural bus tour ranged from a 19-year old student who has been saving for this trip for two years to a 59-year old Australian who has been living in London for 20 years and is now returning home.

The bus tour is the brainchild of Mark Creasy, who tried to make a similar trip twenty years ago, but was unable to do so because of many restrictions for people trying to go from one country to another.

The response to the trip was so overwhelming that Mark had to set up two buses for departure almost simultaneously. In the future, buses will depart once every quarter. A similar schedule has been set up for people wishing to come from Australia to London. A one-way fare, which includes all camping/hotel and food costs is about $8,000. It sounds like fun doesn't it? For more information on how the trips work, check out


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