The last two weeks have been a dream come true for 14-year old tennis player Laura Robson. She only not became the youngest Wimbledon Junior Champion since Martina Hingis in 1994, but also the first Briton to win the title since Annabel Croft, in 1984.

She celebrated her victory in style, first by going to Pizza Hut with her family the night she won, and then by attending the Champions Ball on Sunday - decked out in a designer black dress and pink shoes!

However, now the party is over and it's back to normal life - that means doing her homework, preparing for GSCE's (University entrance exams) and yes - even cleaning her room!

Laura started showing interest in tennis at the age of 5, when she would join her mother for a game of doubles. Fortunately for her, by the time she turned six and a half, they moved to a house, which was within walking distance from the All-England Club (where Wimbledon is played).

Here Laura watched Martina Hingis - the youngest Wimbledon Juniors title winner practice and became a huge fan of hers. When Martina heard about this talented young girl, she invited her to train with her in Switzerland. According to Laura, this was the turning point in her life - she came back determined to become a champion.

Initially, she would get up at 6.00am in the morning to get in a practice before school started. However, as she became more serious, she started being home-schooled. Laura now spends half her day with schoolwork and the other half playing tennis.

Though Laura has become a celebrity in Britain, at home she is just a member of an accomplished family. Her mother was a professional basketball player and her brother is an amazing swimmer.

While Laura's mom is proud of her, she believes this is just the first step towards the ultimate goal - a victory in the Wimbledon Women's final. She also believes that Laura's life should continue as normal for now - which includes doing her chores at home!

Though Laura didn't get any prize money for winning the Junior title, it qualified her to get a wild card (automatic) entry to compete in the women's championships next year, which by itself will be an amazing experience - and ......... she may even win!