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Jean, Steven, Mark and Diana Lopez made history (click on for previous story), when they all qualified to represent USA in the Taekwondo competitions at the Beijing Olympics. And they didn't disappoint - Under Jean's watchful eyes and training, all three returned home with Olympic medals.

Steven, a two-time Olympic gold medalist, had to settle for a bronze this year. While disappointed, he was happy to have at least won a medal.

Diana his sister, had a similar outcome in her quest for gold. However, this youngest Lopez sibling fought valiantly winning a bronze medal against Italy's Veronica Calabrese, in overtime. As she later said to reporters - after all the hard work she had put in, there was no way she was returning home without a medal.

First-time Olympian Mark who won a silver medal, had the best outcome of the three. He lost to Taijen Son from Korea, who managed to sneak in the winning point at the last minute.

While all three worked hard, Jean the eldest brother and coach, said that he had the toughest job of all, playing coach, mentor and cheerleader to all them - he was exhausted!

At the end of the day, they were all thrilled to have at least medalled - especially, since their mother Diana, had flown to Beijing to watch the competitions. It turns out that Diana is terrified of flying, and had never before watched any of their competitions live. However, she had promised that if ever, they all qualified for the Olympics, she would set aside her fears and go - They fulfilled their side of the bargain, leaving her with no choice!

The family returned to Texas, a little sore but quite jubiliant at being not only the first set of three siblings ever to qualify for the Olympics, but also the first set of siblings ever to medal.

We somehow get the feeling this is not the last we hear of this amazing family. They will be back in London in 2012, and, return with the gold!

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  • carr0t
    carr0t3 months
    I am a yellow stripe and am still practicing
    • Samuraiover 3 years
      I am just red belt
      • 6611017149
        6611017149over 5 years
        i"m a black belt. but i have never gone to the Olympics, great job Lopez!!!!!!!
        • Coco bean over 5 years
          i'm only yellow belt
          • 1000pdover 7 years
            I like it.
            • 73over 7 years
              This is so cool.
              • dowen
                dowenabout 8 years
                Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow is win
                • richie
                  richieover 10 years
                  omgg l;ol
                  • joel
                    Mr. Munozover 10 years
                    Fr- I wish I was just like that so I could win the whole championship of the world. I could fight like that, but not too rough because it would hurt people and their blood could get out. I need to train every day so I could get stronger, stronger, stronger! Er- The guy won his medal necklace because he was so good. I wish I could be like that because I could win a fight. I think if I was the champion, everybody would like me because everybody would know I am strong and I earned that by winning.
                    • 6611017149
                      6611017149over 5 years
                      i bet your great mr. munoz
                      • firstgraderocks
                        firstgraderocksover 10 years
                        Fr- I like that you said you would not fight too rough because that is a nice thing to do. Er- I like that you said that you earned being a champion by winning.
                    • luigi cariagaover 11 years
                      The lopez family rules