Going Bananas in Fond-Du-Lac


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The Wisconsin town of Fond-Du-Lac has been the victim of theft. However, this was not your ordinary thief looking for money or jewels, but someone dressed in a gorilla suit, trying to nab a $50 USD Styrofoam banana.

The incident occurred on May 21, at about 12:30 AM when a masked marauder entered one of the Kwik Trip convenient stores. The 'gorilla' eyed its plunder: a giant banana, which was a part of a fruit display. However, the attempt was unsuccessful and it escaped in a white getaway car.

Not ready to give up, the banana bandit went to look for the faux over-sized banana at another Kwik Trip location down the road. The employee here was not ready to give up his decor so easily, even to a dangerous-looking gorilla, and tried to stop the bandit.

While he was unsuccessful at stopping the theft, he did manage to unmask the banana bandit, who it turns out, is a woman. While she hasn't been caught yet, Kwik Trip manager Marissa Erber who views the whole situation as hilarious, is planning to hang another Styrofoam banana as bait, just in case the 'gorilla' shows up again!

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