16-year old Jyoti Amge may be the world's smallest teenager, but has a smile and spirit large enough to capture any heart. Born with a growth disorder, the young girl is only 1ft 11inch tall and weighs only 12lbs, but still manages to lead a normal life in her native town of Nagpur, India.

The last of five children, Jyoti is a spoilt rotten by her normal-sized siblings who think of her as a 'porcelain' doll. Since she is so tiny, all her clothes are custom-made for her as is her chair and desk at the high school she attends. Also thanks to a crippling bone condition, she is unable to walk and has to therefore be carried to school every day.

However, this is where the differences end. Just like any other teenager, she loves clothes, music and movies. She also wants to travel all over the world and aspires to be an actress when she grows up.

Her dreams are starting to become reality. She recently starred in a music video starring one of India's most famous popstars and was also the subject of a British Documentary, which was aired on Channel Four on June 11th.

While Jyoti will never grow any taller, her legs can be fixed by inserting metal rods. However, the procedure could be painful and nobody knows if it will be successful. Her parents are not sure they want to put her through the suffering and are trying to fnd alternative herbal methods to cure her. Meanwhile, this tiny beautiful girl keeps beaming and dreaming !

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