Chilean Illusionists Defy Gravity For 200 Minutes


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Often referred to as the Magic Twins, in their native Chile, Nicholas Luisetti and John Paul Olhaberry are famous for their amazing illusions. However, their latest stunt has not only gotten the attention of the entire world, but also, given them a spot in the Guinness Book of Records.

On September 9th, they kicked off Chile's 200th anniversary celebrations, by floating on the streets of Santiago - Literally. The duo somehow managed to levitate themselves seven feet above the ground and stay there for an astounding 200 minutes - Their only support? A pole that each one of them had casually placed a hand on!

As you can imagine, traffic came to standstill as thousands of people gaped at the two trying to speculate how the stunt was being performed. While the twins will not tell, the most likely explanation is an iron rod that is attached to the pole and then inserted through their clothing - That's what European street performer John Lorbeer does.

However, standing in mid air for this long a period takes some skills too, and there is no trick for that - just sheer hard work and determination. Simply amazing what humans can do if they put their minds to it, isn't it?


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  • breyannaalmost 6 years
    • jwacko
      jwackoover 8 years
      I think'n the same as kayscolony
      • bro gumover 8 years
        the pole is bent
        • bro gumover 8 years
          guys there is a pole going threw there arm if u look closely
          • mcbuilder
            mcbuilderalmost 9 years
            i mean... im a magician but nothing comes even close to that. very impressive!
            • kayoscolony
              kayoscolonyalmost 9 years
              no way
              • mr awesomeabout 9 years
                soooo coooool
                • Askdascientistabout 9 years
                  Guys- if you look at the pole and their fingers closley, they are pressing something... im guessing an electric force that electricoutes you for 200 minutes.
                  • nnabout 9 years
                    • cooldude12345
                      cooldude12345almost 10 years
                      thats cool