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While Halloween is fun, the next day is even better. That's because while the former is all about accumulating as much candy as one can get, it is on the day after that we all get to peacefully sort out our loot and savor, it one piece at a time.

Now imagine how it would feel to wake up in the morning only to find that your parents have eaten every last piece of your hard-earned candy. That's what these poor kids had to face and the reactions as you will see, are quite hilarious.


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  • ashdog3131
    ashdog3131over 2 years
    I feel so bad for them but u have to admit that is hilarious
    • leiker1414
      leiker1414about 3 years
      I would get mad but I would not care too. That kid on the right in the last video has attitude. Wow.
      • leiker1414
        leiker1414about 3 years
        I feel so bad.
        • animereina2021
          animereina2021over 3 years
          I'd be okay with it, I am not really into candy, unless it is chocolate 🍫
          • zerotwo02
            zerotwo02over 3 years
            I'd be pretty happy because i don't really like candy.
            • roxanne3
              roxanne3over 3 years
              That is funny but honestly I wouldn't believe it if my parents said that because my mom doesn't like candy 😆
              • bsc
                bscover 3 years
                • bookfan2009
                  bookfan2009over 3 years
                  Poor kids! They were proably so excited for the candy but then...
                  • effie302
                    effie302over 3 years
                    I remember one Halloween, we went tricker treating and my sisters and I had a whole load of candy, and when we got home we would trade which candies we didn’t want and ones we did want, so we only ate like....... 10 to 20 pieces of candy. Then the next day it was all gone. I don’t remember asking my parents if they ate it but if they did I wouldn’t really care. Like comment and follow me if you relate and agree! 🎃🤗
                    • kingjanes
                      kingjanesover 3 years