Video Of The Week - Shaolin Monk Pierces Glass With A Needle!


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Those of you familiar with martial arts, know how powerful it can be - Therefore, you will not be surprised to see this Shaolin monk pierce a piece of glass with an ordinary sewing needle.

The fun exercise was undertaken in 2009, by a GermanTelevision station to test how much force was needed to throw a needle through a glass. They invited a dart player, a javelin player and a Shaolin monk to throw the needles. What they discovered was, that anyone with a perfectly straight aim and the capacity to throw the needle at a velocity of 150km/h can perform this 'simple' trick!

Shaolin monks are Buddhist monks who hail from China's famous Shaolin Monastery. Known for their strength, flexibility, as well as, prowess in Martial Arts, they are often referred to, as the ultimate Buddhist warriors!


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  • Manover 7 years
    That was really cool and amazing how he literally threw the needle to BREAK the glass.
    • thediamandhorsealmost 8 years
      Is that cool or what!?
      • thediamandhorsealmost 8 years
        • karate dudealmost 8 years
          this was awesome
          • karate dudealmost 8 years
            I study martial arts and this inspired me to make it my career
          • yellew
            yellewover 8 years
            • ethanalmost 9 years
              • Kylealmost 9 years
                • Just a warningover 9 years
                  WARNING: Do NOT attempt, the Shaolin are highly trained professionals of martial arts, you could end up hurting yourself attempting to recreate this display of awesomeness.
                  • powerfulethan
                    powerfulethanover 9 years