Lonely Albino Seal Gets A New Home


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While to the human eye, this rare albino baby seal with its ginger skin, striking blue eyes and pink flippers, may seem absolutely adorable, to his own clan of shiny black-skinned seals, he was an outcast - So much so, that his family and friends completely abandoned him.

To make matters worse, the little mammal is almost blind and therefore, unable to fend for itself in the wild. In fact, when 'Ginger', was found on Russia's Tyuleniy Island, it was hiding under some logs, away from the other baby seals, eagerly waiting to be fed by his mother.

While his mother did not show up, Russian photographer Anatoly Strakhov, who took these amazing photos, did. The best part is, that he has arranged for the little pup to be taken to a nearby dolphinarium, where he will be loved and taken care of - And, instead of being treated as a pariah, be revered because of its gorgeous skin color, which researchers believe was caused by excess accumulation of iron, in his fur.

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  • adroit_avimimus
    That's so adorable! I don't think it's right though he was outcasted by his own! I hope Ginger is doing well!
    • x_goddess_x
      x_goddess_xover 1 year
      • watermelooon
        watermelooonover 4 years
        so cute
        • cooeralmost 6 years
          • Samuel Castro over 6 years
            So cute!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            • myobover 6 years
              • KEYZover 7 years
                I feel so sad about Ginger. If I saw a baby seal I would take it home with me, take care of it and let it be my baby forever. That is what I would do if I saw a baby seal.
                • kitkat2003
                  kitkat2003over 7 years
                  awwww so sad why would someone leave a baby seal unfed and hidden like that. ; (
                  • jjdumdumover 7 years
                    How do I describe this seal, hmmmmm maybe slimy. Yah, I agree. :3
                    • JoeyTheSealover 7 years
                      I LOVE SEALS I WISH IT WAS MINE!!!!!1