Video Of The Week - Rich Ferguson Strikes Again With Another Scream-Worthy Prank


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Yep, It's that time of year. Besides all the delicious treats you will receive on the 31st, there will also be plenty of tricks. To get you into the spirit, here is a prank that California-based magician Rich Ferguson recently pulled on some unsuspecting shoppers. It is guaranteed to make you fall out of your chair - literally!

For his latest 'magic' trick, Rich sits on a chair in a costume that enables him to blend in perfectly and covers his head with a blanket. Next to the chair is a bowl of candy and a sign that reads - "Welcome! Have a seat and enjoy a treat!". As soon as the unsuspecting shopper settles down, Rich jumps up screaming - The outcome as you will see is hilarious!

Rich first rose to fame when he pulled an equally hilarious head dropping prank on the unsuspecting residents of San Luis Obispo, CA, last year. His video became so popular that the magician has turned into a 'professional' prankster, and is now constantly found preying on innocent people all over country - So watch out!

Happy Halloween!

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