Georgia Boys Help Save Infant's Life With CPR Lessons Learned From A Poster


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The next time you see a CPR poster at school or are asked to examine the safety instructions whilst in an airplane, be sure to take more than a cursory glance - For while you may never need them, knowing what to do, may save someone else's life. That, is exactly what two Georgia boys are being applauded for!

Nine-year old Rocky Hurt and 10-year old Ethan Wilson, were playing football in their front yard in Marietta, when a neighbor they had never met, suddenly rushed out of her house yelling at them to call 911. That hysterical woman was Susanna Rohm whose 12-week old baby seemed to have suddenly stopped breathing. In her panic, she had been unable to locate her cell phone and since she did not have a landline - had decided to dash outside to seek help.

After getting their parent's to make the call, the two boys followed the frantic mother to see if they could do anything to help. And help they did! As Susanna was trying to perform CPR on her baby, young Rocky stepped in and told her she was doing it all wrong. Instead he asked her to 'use two fingers, push on the chest 5-10 times, tilt back the baby's head, plug the nose and then perform an mouth-to mouth resuscitation by breathing into the baby's mouth'.

Luckily for him and the baby, Susanna did not doubt his advice for even a second and was soon rewarded with a loud scream from the infant! Turns out that her baby who ended up spending two days at the hospital under observation, suffers from sleep apnea, a sleep disorder that causes abnormal breathing patterns.

The most amazing part of this heartwarming tale is that neither boys have attended a CPR class - Instead, they learned it all, by carefully reading the posters that adorn the walls of their elementary school cafeteria. And, while they are now being hailed as heroes and even interviewed on national television, neither really care. They are just glad to have saved the baby's life!


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