Los Angeles-based alternative rock group OK Go, is one of the few music bands that is more famous for the music videos they put together than their actual songs. They first captured the attention of fans in 2006 with a video of their single 'Here It Goes Again', in which they sang the song whilst dancing on fast-moving treadmills.

The video which was viewed 50 million times and won them a Grammy Award in the 'Best Short-Form Music Video' category has inspired the group to create many other fun ones. Their 2010 super-hit single 'This Too Shall Pass', was filmed with a Rube-Goldberg-like contraption that systematically toppled over in rhythm to the music.

Now four years later, the imaginative singers have done it again. In honor of their newly released single 'The Writing's on the Wall', which is featured in the Hungry Ghosts album that is set to be release on October 14th, the group created a fun video of non-stop optical illusions. Though it lasts just 4 minutes, it took the singers nearly three weeks to assemble and over 50 takes, to get it right. Since the video's YouTube debut on June 17th, it has been watched over 5.7 million times and the numbers are only growing!

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