Moscow's 'Ball Of Robots' Exhibition Is Like No Other

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From May 15th to June 15th, Muscovites seeking entertainment have a unique option - vocal, dance and even stand up comic performances by some of the world's most advanced robots. Called 'Ball of Robots', the month-long event at the city's Artplay Center features over 20 skilled robot entertainers from countries all around the world, including Canada, United States, Japan, France and New Zealand.

The exhibition was kicked off by British-born Titan, a world-famous dancing robot that has performed alongside artists such as and Rihanna. Besides his quick moves, the robot is also known for its stand-up comedy and melodious voice.

Among the other standouts are RoboTHespian, a life-size humanoid robot whose sole purpose is to entertain and educate. The robot not only sings and dances but also, acts as a museum guide. If that's not impressive enough than how about this? Thanks to its ability to remember faces and scour the web, it is even capable of holding intelligent conversations with humans.

Then there is Cubic, a nondescript boxy Russian robot that has been created to make our lives easier - it can read the latest news, switch off lights alleviating the need to get off from that comfortable couch or cozy bed and even, order pizza. For those seeking some company, Cubic can hold basic conversations and laugh at jokes, whilst throwing out funny one-liners of its own.

Also present, are South Korea's friendly robots that not only dance but also clean floors until they are sparkly clean, and Germany's famous metal rock band Compressorhead, whose stars - Stickboy, Bones and Fingers, brought the house down with their performance on the weekend of May 16th.

Though most of the robots appear to have some kind of dancing skills, the organizers say that it was not what they had in mind when they named the exhibition 'Ball of Robots'. Their main purpose was to try create a meeting place or a global platform to enable the people of Russiato experience some of the world's most advanced robots. Turns out that they seem to have succeeded in both the intended and unintended goal!


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