Always Wanted A Sleepover With Sharks? Then You May Want To Read This!


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Photo Credit: Airbnb

Here is some good news for those that are looking for adventure in their lives. Peer-to-peer rental site Airbnb is accepting applications for people that want to experience a sleepover with the 35 sharks that reside at France's Aquarium de Paris.

While the guests will not be swimming with the fish, they will be eerily close — In an underwater bedroom that has been submerged 33-ft into the large shark exhibit that contains 3 million liters of water. The circular room features floor to ceiling windows allowing guests to enjoy a 360° view of the surroundings as they relax, or as is more likely, clutch on to the edges of their comfortable bed. For those worried that the glass walls may rupture, Airbnb says the room was extensively tested in the Mediterranean Sea before being installed in the aquarium's shark tank and is perfectly safe.

Photo Credit: Airbnb

As you may have guessed, the room which is already in place to allow the sharks to get accustomed to it, is not a typical Airbnb rental. It is only available for the nights of April 11, 12, and 13 and is free for three lucky guests. But to "book" the room, individuals have to enter a competition telling the rental company a little bit about themselves and more importantly, "why they belong with the sharks for a night."

The lucky winners will be greeted and taken on a guided tour of the aquarium by world record-breaking freediver, underwater photographer, and shark conservationist Fred Buyle. They and a guest of their choice will then be treated to an elaborate dinner alongside the shark tank, after which they will be lowered down into the underground bedroom and left alone to enjoy their sleepover with the fish.

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Guests are forbidden to take photos in the dark because the sharks are sensitive to light. The site also warns visitors from trying to dive in or swim with the sharks. However, we have a feeling that will not be an issue even for the brave souls that decide to accept this scary endeavor.

And in case you are wondering, once the contest is over, the underwater bedroom will be converted into a research room to allow scientists to observe natural shark behavior.


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