Smile! It’s Almost April Fools’ Day


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Burger King's '2018 April Fools' prank had fans hunkering for a chocolate burger (Credit: Burger King)

For pranksters, there is no better holiday than April Fools' Day. Celebrated annually on April 1, it is the only day of the year when fun, harmless hoaxes go unpunished. The mischievous holiday has murky origins. Some believe it started in 1582 when France transitioned from the Julian calendar — which began the year around April 1 — to the currently used Gregorian calendar. Those unaware, or unwilling, to accept the date change were pranked. Others think the holiday started as a cheerful way to mark the start of spring.

Regardless of how it began, April Fools' Day is now widely celebrated worldwide. Even corporations get into the spirit with elaborate pranks that have people fooled for hours, if not days. Here are a few of our past favorites.

V By Velveeta

On March 30, 2021, the makers of the creamy Velveeta cheese revealed they were branching out into the skincare business. V by Velveeta comprised three products — a serum to uncover the skin's golden glow, a hydrating moisturizer, and a night cream to rejuvenate the user's natural complexion. The announcement drew mixed reactions from fans. Some were not sure about plastering their face with bright orange-yellow lotions, while others wondered if they were edible. It was only when the company revealed the products' release date — April 1 — did everyone realize they had been pranked.

Pupbucks By Starbucks

Coffee giant Starbucks is known for delighting dogs with complimentary cups of whipped cream, or Puppuccinos. Hence, the news that the company was opening Pupbucks, a coffee chain just for dogs, got many pooch owners excited. To make the prank more believable, Starbucks released a video of adorable pups rushing to get "lattes" and "cream-cheese-filled bagels." The company even took to Twitter to ask fans to help in "develpuping" the menu. The only catch, of course, was that the announcement was made on April 1, 2019!

SmartBricks By LEGO

Most parents and kids have experienced the pain of stepping on loose LEGO bricks. So, the company's announcement of "SmartBricks" — LEGO pieces that automatically scattered away upon sensing motion — was met with a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, the product had been revealed on April 1, 2021!

Happy April Fools' Day!



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  • unarmedband4992
    my parents would like smart bricks maybe I can make them
    • spacechicken
      I wish smart bricks were real
    • lovelyric
      lovelyric22 days
      looks like i can get some tips for jokes
      • unicorn041911
        Happy April Fools day in 3 months!
        • tekadepi-166077325106
          so funny happy April fools everyone
          • gamer1136
            gamer1136about 1 month
            I totally wish smart bricks were real that would be so nice.
            • anastasiaj1
              anastasiaj1about 2 months
              I have some pranks for you. 1. take the soap out of the container and put glue. 2. stuff cotton balls or napkins inside a family member's shoe. See what happens 3. Put shaving or whipped cream on both sides of your sibling's pillow at night.
              • livencountry
                livencountryabout 2 months
                Wow! I don't do April fools day. Because if I ever prank someone I'll get in trouble. And I don't have time when I'm working on the farm all day.
              • thegreates
                thegreatesabout 2 months
                cool pranks
                • deafgirl134
                  deafgirl1342 months
                  I have a few pranks up my sleeve. (1)take out all of the icing out of the Oreos and fill them up with white tooth paste leave some good ones for you and give the bad ones to someone. (2) take out the sope in the sope dispenser and put syrup. (3) if you are havin donuts fill the sinter of it with manas and say its cream cheese filing(4)use make up on the school bus and make it look like you got in a fight at school that no one told you parents about then when you get off the bus start limping so it looks like you hurt your leg and then you parents will freak out! (5)f you have a brother and your out on a family diner tell him his pants are in zipped it works every time! (6) lock all bathroom doors in the house and make sure you have a key to get in and then who ever has to go they will have to go out side.(7) if you have a brother and he's out side or something out of the house hid all of his underwear in a trash bag in your room.Happy pranking everyone!!!!!
                  • deafgirl132
                    deafgirl132about 2 months
                    Thanks for the pranks@deafgirl134 I'm totally doing prank (1),(3) and(7) thank you!!
                  • snowflake101