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    Spy School By:Stuart Gibbs Book review By: Aisha Abdalla In my book “Spy School” There’s a kid named Ben Ripley. Ben Ripley is being attacked by these assassins. The reason why they are attacking him is because of he has a symptom called cryptology. They think that Ben Ripley is a really special kid. There is this one girl named Erica Hale. She is the daughter of Alexander Hale. She wants to become a spy like her father. She is helping Ben Ripley find out who this assassin is. There is a kid named Murray. He is one of Ben’s friends. They don’t talk to each other much but they are still friends. Alexander Hale is Erica’s father. He is a spy. Erica’s dad works at the school to make sure thing stay right. Alexander Hales is a little like a bodyguard of a vice principal. Chip is the first kid that is nice to Ben. The first time Ben meets Chip he thinks they will be really good friends. Chip tells Ben to hack into the system so he figures out what cryptology is and what it means. If you like mystery books then you might like this book.This has to do with spying and other cool mysteries. I really recommend this book!
    Almost 7 years ago
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    By Stuart Gibbs
    Almost 7 years ago
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    By Stuart Gibbs
    Almost 7 years ago

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