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    Review: 11 year old Alex Petroski is a boy who adores space like his idol Carl Sagon who is a fmaous astromemer. Alex thought to name his dog Carl Sagon. Alex has a mum that sits on the on the couch and has 'Quiet Days' and goes on 'walks' and his died when Alex was three, a brother who is a sports agent. Alex Petroski wants to launch his Golden IPod into space at .S.H.A.F.T. ( South-West High Altitude Rocket Festival ) Alex made food and cleaned up the house for his mum. When he got to the train station, he had a adult ticket and he was only 11 and you need to be 13 to usethe adult ticket and he needs a adult to get on the train until a boy pretended to be his brother and when he was on the train he stumbled across a karate master called Zed and a man called Steve that suffers arguments with his girlfriend. When he got to .S.H.A.F.T. He saw a lot more people that expecting, and Carl Sagon is very scared of people. Meanwhile, he was so amazed how many people were there. When he went up to launch his rocket meanwhile he witnessed frustrastion and other bad feelings. After the rocket launch he got a email from and said there was a man as that has the same name and birthday as his dad, and said he lived in LA when he asked Steve My Dad Lives in LA and we need to go there , and steve said your in luck im going to LA today. Awesome when he arrived at the address he came across a relative he never knew he had and Alex suffers from losing a dog and his mum has schizophrenia. I recomend this book to 10-18 years because there is problems in the book and real life situations. Book By: Jack Cheng (Updated about less than a minute ago)
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