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    Serendipity and Me is a sweet, heartfelt book about a girl named Sara whose mother died driving in a thick Tule fog. Sara has wanted a kitten since she can remember, but cats have always been a 'no' in her household. When her mother died, Sara's father retreated into a state of deep sadness, bringing Sara with him, and every time she tries to talk about their family, he breaks down and goes to his room. To top it all off, Sara is set to star in a school production of Peter Pan as Wendy, with Garrett as Peter Pan, but a week before the play, she comes down with a bad virus. A cold, gloomy night, a miracle of a kitten bolts into their door, leaving Dad speechless and Sara finally with something to hold on to. The only thing is, can Sara convince her dad to let the kitten stay? I would recommend this book to anyone who loves cats and just wants something soft to hold onto.
    Over 3 years ago
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    Another Raina Telgemeier graphic novel, titled Ghosts, it's easy to see what the theme of this book is going to be. Cat and her sister Maya are moving from their sunny hometown to a gloomy bayside city called Bahia de la Luna. The reason for all this is because of Maya. Maya is a sickly child, born with a condition called Cystic Fibrosis. Cat's parents believe that the salty sea air will be good for Maya. While exploring the new town, they meet a boy named Carlos (who is also their neighbor) who later takes them on a ghost tour and shows the girls that ghosts are not fairy tales. The cold (and the ghosts) give Maya a breathing attack, landing her in bed with a breathing tube for a week. How does the story pan out? Read Ghosts to see. I would recommend this book to any fans of Raina Telgemeier.
    Over 3 years ago

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