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    Have you ever gotten bullied because when you were little, you ate lead chips of paint? Well in his book,”My Journey To A Pixelated World”, by Joey Graceffa, he talks about how his life started. By eating paint lead chips, and how that led to him having a learning disability. It was written about, around modern times. He was living in Boston from when he was born to about his first year of college. Then he dropped out because he was offered a job in Los Angeles, and then he moved out there with his best friend, Brittany. She was his best friend and they had a channel together named WinterSpringPro (WSP). The first major conflict is that Joey’s mom is an alcoholic and keeps getting into his life and he doesn’t want that. She keeps coming home drunk and joey just doesn’t know what to do and all he wants to do is focus on his youtube channel. The second major conflict is that he’s focusing too much on youtube and all the comments and videos that he wants to post that he never has time to go out and have some fun with life. It’s also conflicting his love life, trying to find the perfect guy. Five interesting facts in this book are: 1. No matter what, Joey is always positive and is always giving life advice to his youtube fans or book fans. 2.Every time Joey’s mom would come home and he had a friend over, his mother would start acting weird and he knew that she was drunk. He would always yell at her and tell her,” JUST GO TO BED MOM!”.3. Joey ate lead chips from his apartment paint and gave him a learning disability. 4. He was bullied all his childhood because he was in the special ed classes.5. When he was in either 6th or 7th grade he was able to get out of the special ed classes. I really liked this book and I recommend this book to a middle aged audience like 6th grade middle school to high school. Also someone who is maybe looking for some life advice and likes his youtube channel. I personally really liked this book because it gave some advice that I could use in life and I like watching his youtube channel.
    Over 4 years ago
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    Perfect for any adventure seeking person like me
    Over 4 years ago
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    i cant wait to read this book!!! i hope it is a really good book.
    Over 4 years ago

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