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    In the subtitle of This Book Stinks, it says "The science of trash". I have been in love with science for years now, and I think this book will tell a great deal of information about the science of trash. Recently I have been to Discovery World in Milwaukee. There I fell even more in love with the laws of physics and other scientific things. I also love getting my hands dirty, and I think that this book involves a lot of trash, seeing that it the title is "This Book Stinks". For one entire school year, I once learned just about economic topics and what we can do for our environment. I have been getting the National Geographic Magazine for about 3 years now, and I have loved all of the different articles that they have provided, which makes me think that this would be perfect for me. I am thankful that National Geographic would be kind enough to give this book away, especially one as humorous as this one.
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