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    Summary Joey’s parents wanted Joey and Mary Alice to see grandma because she was getting on in her years. Now Joey and Mary Alice now go to grandma’s house every year. But every year, grandma tells lies. She even goes on other people’s property. Somehow she never gets in trouble. So grandma keeps on going. Towards the end of the book, grandma had a relative that is 103 years old. Then a few years after they quit going to grandma’s Joey, joined the navy. But what about Marry Alice? Did she stay in chicago? Maybe she went to war. If you want to know the ending, read the book. My Opinion The past few weeks our class has been reading the novel Long Way From Chicago. My opinion of the novel is that it is funny and at the end a little emotional. I think that because, grandma is funny but at the end Joey goes to the army. My favorite part of the book is when grandma, Joey and Marry Alice went fishing on private property. I think that because, grandma found the sheriff drinking. My least favorite part is when grandma put the mouse in the milk. I think that because, it was a short and boring part of the book. I would rate the book five stars. I would rate the novel five stars because, it was hilarious and in some part like real life. In my opinion you should read this book, but it is up to you.
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