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    Sea cows Shamans and Scurvy/ Alaska's first naturalist Goreg Steller is a 213 paged Biography. The author and illustrator is Ann Arnold. The genre is a non fiction and is based on a boy that had a breathing disability and was dead for two weeks until he lit out a loud cry. 5 years later he in rolled in a private school and was the top in his class on several subjects but when it came to out of school he had trouble making friends and had a lonely childhood. At the age of twenty he got a scholarship to study medicine and religion at Written Berg University and on December 13,1712 he set of on his first voyage to Kamchatka to study life forms and the animals and how they live. On The way there he wrote notes about the sea but then he realized that all of his crew get scurvy from the lack of vitamin D including Gorge Stellar but when they got to Kamchatka there was a pack of blue foxes and they were trying to steal the crews stuff and the crew sat down made himself comfortable and watch the blue fox show. One question that I would like to ask Gorge Steller is,”why did you help Karina even though he did not help the crew and on top of that he did not have scurvy and he made the people that had scurvy do his work and did not get anything in return.
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