Life Is Tough For The World's Tallest Man


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At 8ft 5in, Leonard Stadnik is the tallest man in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records. While that sounds really cool and amazing, living a normal life and doing the things we take for granted is a little difficult for this extra-tall man.

Born in a village in Ukraine, Leonard started to grow abnormally tall when he was around 14, after a brain operation triggered some hormones.

By the time he graduated as a veterinarian, he was 6ft 5in tall, and had already outgrown his bicycle. He started taking the bus to work, however as he kept growing, that too became really difficult.

Then six years ago he had to quit his job because he could not afford to buy custom-made shoes for his size 64 feet. His knees hurt from crouching down when he goes through the doorways in his house.

Life has gotten a little easier since he was named in the Guinness Book of Records. He has since received lots of help from kind-hearted strangers. They have provided him with over-sized clothes; custom shoes, an over-sized bicycle and even a new computer with connection to the Internet. He now has on-line friends from all over the world and is even trying to learn English. Last week, he received the biggest surprise of all - a custom car from the President of Ukraine - who even took the time to drive him around!

Hopefully, things just keep getting better and better for this gentle giant!

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