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Benefits for Students:
  • Articles offered in multiple reading levels to accommodate students of all ages and reading ability
  • Keep students engaged through a variety of relevant, educational, and engaging current events topics
  • All reading exercises available in English and Spanish include:
    • Read aloud and read along audio
    • Videos and photos
    • Vocabulary games
  • Encourage further reading with our interactive book quizzes
Benefits for Homeschool Parents/Tutors:
  • Save time and stimulate learning with the following quizzes and assignments for each article
    • Reading Comprehension* (short answer)
    • Critical Thinking Challenge (essay)
    • Comprehension Quiz (multiple choice)
    • Parts of Speech Quiz (multiple choice)
    • Vocabulary in Context* (short answer)

    *includes answer key for tutor accounts

Benefits of the DOGOnews Alexa App:
  • Reduce screen time
  • Develop listening skills
  • Take quizzes
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