Lucky Toddler Gets 'Trapped' Inside A Candy Machine


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Imagine being trapped inside an arcade machine filled with toys and candy - Impossible? Think again! That's exactly what happened to little Cohen Stone, except the toddler was too young to take advantage of it, the way we all would have!

The incident happened about two weeks ago at the Sienna restaurant in Perth, Australia, where Cohen was attending a birthday party with his mother, Kyra. Like a typical toddler, Cohen wandered off in search of an adventure, the minute his mother turned around.

However, in his case the adventure ended with him being trapped inside an arcade machine! Nobody is sure how he got in - The only possibility is the machine's hatch (pictured below) or magic? Not surpringly, poor Kyra panicked when she looked around only to find her son grinning at her from behind the glass of the machine.

Diners, workers and even the chef tried to get Cohen out, but nobody could figure out an opening big enough. The restaurant owner than rushed to get the keys to the machine, but none of the ones she had, fit the key hole. They even called the machine owner, but did not get much help.

In order to 'distract' Cohen so that he would not panic, Kyra encouraged him to have a lollipop or two and play with the toys - The toddler of course obliged!

Finally, someone had the idea of calling a locksmith, who managed to pry the door open and release the toddler from his 'torture' chamber!

While the whole incident took about 45 minutes, to Kyra, it seemed like an eternity, something she is not likely to forget in the near future. The restaurant, which plans to return the machine to the vendor, gave Kyra a voucher for $60 USD for her ordeal, which she plans to use soon . . . . . this time without little Cohen in tow.,

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  • ans123
    ans1233 months
    Woah, Imagine 45 minutes in candy! Wouldn't that be a once in a eternity chance? I bet so. That toddler was a lucky guy, weird how the toddler got in though. Anyways that cool. if I were the toddler, I'd just start unwrapping candies and stuffing my mouth with sweets! I also might be stuffing my pockets with candies! On second thought maybe not because it might be stealing, but if I could I would. Yummy 🍬🍭🍫🍭.
    • future_model827
      wooowww that toddler has a chance to get candy for a lifetime!
      • adroit_avimimus
        I definitely would've eaten some candy while waiting to get out! If that were me, I would've filled my pockets with the stuff haha! He was a really lucky kid though! Though the mother must've been terrified for his safety... 🍀🍭🍭
      • darklight_rp
        darklight_rpover 1 year
        WOW!!! Poor mother of his, she must have been frightened. Lucky kid though!
        • 3ndl3ss_m3rcy
          3ndl3ss_m3rcyalmost 2 years
          I would've done that once.. if it wasn't for my parents.. thank goodness I didn't though..
          • cupcakekitty8
            cupcakekitty8almost 2 years
            Omg Haha I have a candy stash and I’m running out of candy so If I was that boy I would’ve filled my pockets and ate all of the extras!!!!
            • gaurdain
              gaurdainalmost 2 years
              Hahahahahaha soooo lucky 🍀
              • x_goddess_x
                x_goddess_xalmost 2 years
                Super lucky! He could have gotten hurt! But, personally, I love candy . . .
                • tiger_space
                  tiger_spaceabout 2 years
                  That kid is so lucky! I would eat all the candy, AND take some toys home...
                  • chocolk
                    chocolkabout 2 years
                    I would have definitely eaten all that candy in a few moments. Don't blame me sometimes I just cant help myself. lol 😂