Lady Gaga - Polaroid's New Chief Creative Officer!


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Lady Gaga’s quirky and imaginative outfits never fail to stun us, so it should comes as no surprise that having conquered the music world, she has now decided to try her hand at design. And, the newly appointed Chief Creative Officer for camera manufacturer Polaroid, is off to a running start with a number of innovative products that were recently introduced under the 'Polaroid Grey Label' brand.

Her most exciting innovation is a pair of sunglasses, which like Gaga, are anything but ordinary. The Polarez GL20 are the first shades that not only protect the eyes, but also, take pictures. Fitted inside the lens is a camera and two embedded 1.5" LCD displays. This allows the wearer to snap pictures, playback recorded images, watch preloaded slideshows and video and even, enable real-time photo sharing.

What sparked this idea? Lady Gaga says that during her Fame Ball tour, she patched together similar glasses by stringing together two iPod screens to play movies. They worked so well, she figured other people would like them too!

Taking inspiration from the glasses she wore in her 'Poker Face' video, Gaga's new sunglasses have a hyperbolic design and 'almost goggle-ish' lens. The camera sits above the bridge of the nose, while the displays land just below the line of vision - Yes, believe it or not, you can still see what's ahead of you!

The sunglasses are not the only technological innovations Gaga has recently unveiled. She also showcased a 'zero ink' instant digital camera and a mobile printer. While the mobile printer, priced at $149.99 USD, will be in stores by May 2011, the other two will not be available until much later this year! I wonder what other fun things she will think up of next!,,

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