What Are You Doing To Help Save The Earth?


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Today is Earth Day, a day when millions of people all over the world will do something 'good' for the environment, by picking up trash, planting a tree or even, participating in one of the many environmental rallies to persuade governments to impose laws to help reduce global warming.

However, by tomorrow, they will all go back to their normal lives, since a single person can only do so much to help right? Wrong! Here are some individuals that are helping the environment all by themselves!

13 -Year Old German Boy Spearheads Global Eco Campaign

At just 13-year of age, Felix Finkbeiner is enjoying the kind of fame that most celebrities only dream of - He has a huge fan following in his home country of Germany, meets with CEO's of International companies and is even featured in advertisements with politicians and fashion models. However, the wiry, bespectacled boy does not sing, act or even play sports - He simply encourages people to plant trees. Click to keep reading . . .

One Man's Quest To Save Florida's Coral Reef

Ken Nedimyer first dived into the pristine waters off the Florida Keysat the tender age of 13, whilst on vacation with his parents. He loved it so much, that he returned in 1969, to obtain a degree in Zoology from the Florida Atlantic University and never left. Click to keep reading . . .

Indian Man Single Handedly Plants 1,200 Acre Forest

We all try do our share in helping reduce global warming with small things like generating less trash, taking shorter showers or turning off unnecessary lights. However, very few of us do anything that can make an impact on the entire world, simply because we believe we can't do it alone. Turns out, where there is a will, there is a way. India's Jadev Payeng has managed to plant an entire forest, single-handedly! Click to keep reading . . .

Philippine Residents Finally See The (Day) Light!

Access to cheap and plentiful electricity is something most of us take for granted. However, such is not the case in many parts of the world, especially in third world countries, where the poor live in shanty homes that are often constructed from cardboard or other flimsy materials. Click to keep reading . . .

Plastic Bottle Schools

With an estimated 12,500 plastic bottles being discarded every 8 seconds, environmentalists are trying to come up with new innovative uses for this synthetic waste that is rapidly filling our landfills and harming our marine life. Click to keep reading . . .

Plastic Bottle Catamaran Completes Historic Voyage

On March 20th, 2010, six intrepid explorers set off from San Francisco, California to Sydney, Australia on what was described as the 'adventure of the century', aboard Plastiki, a revolutionary catamaran made entirely from recycled plastic. Click to keep reading . . .

Hopefully, these articles have convinced you that you can make a difference, no matter how young your are - So find an environmental cause you are passionate about and let's help save the Earth, not just on this one day, but every day of the year!

Happy Earth Day!

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  • adroit_avimimus
    This is so awesome! What I do for earth isn't as great as what these amazing people are doing, but I pick up litter I see and I plant trees in my yard, and the park!
    • bigchungus666
      bigchungus666almost 4 years
      did you know somebody made an two islands made of plastic bottles and trash, named Joyxee Island and Spiral Island?
      • Isabelleover 4 years
        happy earth day
        • davidalmost 5 years
          i like trains
          • ILoveBunniesalmost 6 years
            That is so cool. Everyone should do something to save OUR Earth!!!!
            • addieiamsocute1almost 6 years
              this is very good geography
              • seemiover 7 years
                i got the 1 position on the best article
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                    i am from india and finally i have a computer so i read and मुझे यह पसंद है ( i love it)
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                      i love the whole article indian