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How would you feel if you walked into your local public library and instead of hundreds of shelves laden with all kinds of exciting books, you encountered a modern interior that resembles an Apple store complete with aisles of computers and other electronic gadgets? That, is exactly the vision Nelson Wolff has for BiblioTech, a new kind of public library that is scheduled to open in San Antonio's Bexar County, in fall 2013.

The Texas judge says that while he loves physical books, he believes that it is time to bring the library system in the direction in which the world is rapidly heading - E-books!

So while the library will not have any physical books, it will have over 10,000 e-titles for patrons to browse through and even download onto their own e-readers. For those that do not yet have access to an iPad, Nook, Kindle or other e-reading device, there will be a total of 150 e-readers available to borrow, 50 of which, will be reserved for kids! In addition, the library will also feature 50 computer stations, 25 laptops and 25 tablets for people to enjoy, whilst there.

The number of books available will be added to annually, so that one day, the book selection at this hi-tech version can be as robust as the one found in a traditional library.

This is not the first time a complete public e-library has been considered. In 2002, Arizona's Tucson-Pima Public Library System was the first to open a small book-less branch - However, it was located in an area where most people did not have access to computers and after repeated requests from locals, the library succumbed and added physical books.

In 2011, the city of Newport Beach in California, tried to transform its existing library into a book-less one - But the public did not take it too well and the officials ultimately abandoned the idea. The one place it seems to be working really well is the University of Texas in Austin, where the students love having a library that contains only e-titles.

So are people ready for a book-less library? Only time will tell. But if it does work, the judge will be able to open similar libraries in many more locations in the county than he otherwise could - That's because thanks to smaller real-estate requirements, the cost of opening one is much lower than that for a normal library. What do you think of this idea? Would you be thrilled or upset if your local library decided to go the e-route? Be sure to let us know, by adding your comments below!

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  • serene_euphoria
    I am very surprised by this. For one, computers are very useful, but they can hurt your eyes. But people are more likely to read physical books, the texture, the smell, and the experience. You are more likely to quit reading a book if you are on a computer, because there is so much else you can do. I personally think physical books are the way to go, and that this whole BiblioTech idea is kind of a waste of time.
    • unknown_user13
      What kind of library is that?! With NO BOOKS AT ALL!!! That should just be sold as a house!
      • serene_euphoria
        IKR? There are so many other uses for that building, and they choose to fill it with computers. Think about all the homeless people in the world. Think about all the hungry people. This could be a soup kitchen, or an actual library. Plus e readers are more expensive than regular books, and what happens if someone breaks one?
      • ponygirl11
        ponygirl11about 1 year
        This is crazy how big the library is and it doesn't have one single book in it.
        • serene_euphoria
          serene_euphoriaabout 1 year
          Wow! I live near there!
          • ellie0307
            ellie0307over 2 years
            Nuuuu!! I want a library with books but the same question, why is it called a library 'library'!!! There is no point calling a library if there are no books!! 🤯😭
            • weirdisgood2023
              weirdisgood2023over 2 years
              Why the name “library” if there are no books?!?! Also, isn’t it unhealthy to stare at a computer screen for a long time? 🤔
            • bookfan2008
              bookfan2008over 2 years
              What?! So CRAZY! Why is it called a library then...
              • spaceycat
                spaceycatover 2 years
                NOOOOOOOO!! My sweet have 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭 But really WHY IS THERE A LIBRARY WITHOUT BOOKS😠
                • iamgood
                  iamgoodover 2 years
                  • indecisive
                    indecisiveover 2 years
                    What?! This is interesting. Wouldn't that be really bad for your eyes?? I mean, that's just my opinion and people in the comments seem to agree. If you disagree with me, you do you. I would be very upset if that happened to my local library.
                    • serene_euphoria