Video Of The Week - 'Power Up 3.0' Gives Paper Airplanes A Much Needed Lift And Direction

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With the introduction of remote-controlled airplanes, the paper versions have pretty much become relics of the past. Now, Miami-based Taylor Toys hopes to make them current again, by giving them the much needed lift and control.

Introduced in August 2013, the $49.99 USD PowerUp 3.0 kit comprises of a capacitor that is joined to a propeller by a carbon fiber shaft. All the user has to do is clip it onto any homemade plane made from regular A4 or 8.5 X 11 size paper, download the company's smartphone app and voila - It is ready to be flown and steered in any direction for a full ten minutes. The best part is, the kit needs just a 20 second recharge to get going again.

As you may have guessed from the name this is not the first version of PowerUp. While the previous version that was introduced about a year and half ago allowed the paper planes to fly, it did not allow users any control, which is what makes this version, way cooler. As to how the company is able to accomplish this impossible sounding task through an app? They are not telling!


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