If you have not had a reason to smile today, here is one - It is the 2nd International Day of Happiness! Established by the United Nations on June 28th, 2012, to promote social inclusion and intercultural harmony, it encourages individuals and corporations to celebrate the day in 'an appropriate manner, including through education and public awareness-raising activities'.

The idea to declare a day of happiness was suggested by Bhutan, a country whose citizens would be considered the world's wealthiest, if prosperity was measured in terms of happiness instead of net-worth. In fact they are the people responsible for creating the Gross National Happiness Index, which takes into account not just material wealth but also spiritual well-being when evaluating a country's prosperity.

In case you are scratching your head, looking for some reasons or ideas to be happy, here are a few:

It's the first day of Spring - Today is the Spring Equinox, which means that summer is just a stone's throw away. If the thought of that doesn't make you happy, we don't know what will.

Throw an impromptu party - Nothing makes people more happy than being invited to a party. A spontaneous one increases the joy to a whole new level. And of course making other people happy is bound to have the same effect on you.

Treat yourself - Sometimes all it takes to make one happy is a little indulgence, so go ahead and grab a cup of cocoa and snuggle up inside a blanket with a good book! You will be surprised at how happy it makes you feel.

Smile at a stranger - Happiness is contagious! Your simple (not to mention free) gesture can transform a person's day and get him/her prepared take on any challenge it brings.

Call a Grandparent or friend - Catching up with loved ones will leave both of you 'happy'.

Have a conversation with a parent or sibling - If you are like most kids, chances are you spend more time texting or browsing, than talking to your family. Set aside your gadgets for a few minutes today and have a one-on-one conversation with a family member. You will be surprised at the feeling of joy it brings you.

Listen to a 'Happy' song - Thanks to Pharrell Williams, you don't have to look too far to seek one out - Simply scroll down and watch the 'Happy' video.

Finally, don't forget to be happy every single day! For while International Day of Happiness may come about only once a year, happiness is around you all day and night - You just have to seek it out and grab it!

Happy International Day of Happiness!