Though most people believe that climate change is real and likely to result in some catastrophic events if allowed to continue unabated, very few are ready to make the lifestyle changes needed to turn things around. That's why Italian adventurer Alex Bellini has come up with the radical idea of living atop an iceberg, until it melts. He believes that witnessing something this dramatic may be the key to convincing more people to take action.

The 36-year-old who resides in the United Kingdom, plans to begin his icy adventure that he calls 'Adrift' in Spring 2015. He will seek out a tabular iceberg that measures about 60-meters by 20-meters somewhere northwest of Greenland and settle atop, inside a four-meter diameter floating survival capsule similar to the super strong Kevlar carbon-fiber lifeboats used on oil platforms.

Though the mission may appear like one that could take at least a few years, Bellini is only provisioning his capsule with 660 lbs of dry food. This he believes is enough to sustain him for the 8-12 months that he estimates it will take the iceberg to melt. Once that happens, his capsule with him still inside, will go 'Adrift' in the Atlantic Ocean until it is rescued by a passing ship. Bellini is confident that the length of this adventure will be less than 10 days.

While Bellini is resigned to being alone for a majority of the year, he does plan to invite reporters to his unusual abode periodically, to help raise awareness. Of course, thanks to modern technology, he will also be reporting the condition of the iceberg to the world, almost real-time. In order to maintain a green footprint and not hasten the melting of the iceberg, Bellini plans to install a generator that is powered by a rowing machine. This means he will have to work hard, to keep in touch.

As is the case with anything different and radical, while some people are praising Bellini's efforts to raise awareness, others believe he is just an adventurer looking for the next adrenaline rush - After all, he has been known to row solo across the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Pacific Oceans, as well as, run across the United States and through the Sahara Desert. They argue that if he was really concerned about the environment, he would not be using an SUV to advertise his latest stunt!

Bellini does not deny his quest for extreme adventures. In fact, he has no desire to be labeled as an environmentalist. However, he does hope that 'Adrift' will awaken the world to the urgent need for action and prompt ordinary people to do their share in reversing global warming, before it's too late!