Video Of The Week — Muggles Play Quidditch Harry Potter Style


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Quidditch Harry Potter Style (Photo Credit: YouTube photo capture)

Harry Potter’s favorite game Quidditch, has been a legitimate sport at high schools and colleges worldwide for over a decade. But no Muggle has ever played the game flying across the sky on a broomstick as the wizards did in J.K. Rowling’s popular book series.

However, that changed recently when a team of six professional skydivers, all dressed in spiffy uniforms, grabbed their brooms and leaped off an airplane for an aerial game of Quidditch. Not surprisingly, the stunt that was staged for a commercial to showcase Columbian telecommunications company ETB’s latest digital offering, has caught Harry Potter fans by storm. It has garnered almost a million views since it was released on YouTube on April 26, and the numbers are only growing.


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  • coolish
    coolish3 months
    Honestly... (don't judge this is just my opinion)...harry potter has always been a bit boring to me. My mom brothers and sister all love it its just me and my dad who don't think it's that interesting
    • basketballanime
      • ravenwing
        ravenwing4 months
        Ha! Muggles could never do it as good as wizards and witches!An that terrifying I could never.
        • averylongbottom
          I always wanted to sky dive! and now that I know I can play Quidditch while doing so! amazing! truly amazing!
          • averylongbottom
            I always wanted to sky dive! and now that I know I can do it while playing Quidditch is just amazing!
            • pastelea
              pastelea6 months
              Wow! Just like Harry did! Looks fun and scary!
              • pokekid45708
                pokekid457087 months
                Love Harry Potter soooooooo much.🤯
                • kaydencedockery
                  i absaloutley love harry potter! i want to do that soooooo bad
                  • hankc
                    hankc12 months
                    I love Harry Potter ! So awesome
                    • ketana
                      ketana12 months
                      I love Harry Potter ! So awesome