Queen Elizabeth II has reigned for 70 years (Credit: Jacob King/PA Wire/PA images/CC-BY-SA-2.0/ platinumjubilee.royal.uk)

On February 6, 2022, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Platinum Jubilee — 70 years to the day she became queen. The 95-year-old is the first British monarch and one of only four documented monarchs, worldwide — Louis XIV of France; Johann II of Liechtenstein, and, most recently, Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand — to mark the extraordinary anniversary. The historic milestone will be celebrated with events and initiatives throughout the year, but the main festivities will be held during a four-day holiday weekend in June.

The fun will kick off on June 2, 2022, with the lighting of over 1,500 beacons throughout the United Kingdom (UK) and the capital cities of the Commonwealth nations, which also recognize Queen Elizabeth II as their Sovereign. They include Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Jamaica. British residents will also be treated to a special Queen's birthday parade. Dubbed "Trooping the Color," it will feature 1,400 soldiers, 200 horses, and 400 musicians. Members of the Royal Family also plan on joining the procession on horseback and in carriages.

On June 4, 2022, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) will host the "Platinum Party at the Palace" — a live concert featuring some of the world's best performers. June 5, 2022's "Big Jubilee Lunch" is designed to encourage communities to come together for fun and food by organizing street parties and picnics.

The "Platinum Jubilee Pageant" on June 5, 2022, will honor the Queen's 70 years of service with a combination of street art, theater, and music. The pageant's highlight will be 200 silk flags incorporating children's artwork that contains hopeful messages centered around climate change and the future.

The "Platinum Pudding Competition" challenges British residents 8 and above, to submit an original pudding recipe worthy of the queen. The winning dessert, revealed on March 14, 2022, will be served at Buckingham Palace's Jubilee weekend lunches. The recipe will also be made available to the public.

Born on April 21, 1926, Queen Elizabeth II is the eldest daughter of King George V's second son, Prince Albert. Her father ascended to the throne after King George V's first son — Prince Edward VIII— abdicated in 1936 to marry the twice-divorced American socialite, Wallis Simpson. Prince Albert — later called King George VI — suffered from bad health and died on February 6, 1952. The then 25-year-old Princess Elizabeth was crowned the Queen of England and the rest, as they say, is history.

On June 5th, 2022, British residents will organize street parties in their communities (Credit: platinumjubilee.royal.uk

Seventy years later, the beloved monarch is showing no signs of slowing down. "As we mark this anniversary, it gives me pleasure to renew to you the pledge I gave in 1947 that my life will always be devoted to your service," she wrote in her Platinum Jubilee address to the nation.

This week, the queen lived up to her promise. Despite suffering from mild symptoms of COVID-19, she has continued to fulfill her online and telephone obligations!

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