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    They are only measuring whether their hobbies are more intellectually oriented, how many degrees they have, etc. In other words, how academically smart they are. It doesn't mean they are smarter overall. For all the studies know, dog owners might be twice as good at solving real-life problems as cat owners. People can be really smart and still have very little interest in reading and such. There are lots of things that people can learn from interacting with other people as well as things to learn from books and stuff. I like both cats and dogs. Personally, I like reading and academic learning and the learning that comes from stories and interacting with people. I love to socialize, but I also like to have some quiet time to think and daydream. I'm an author and a cosplayer. (for those who don't know, cosplay is when you dress up as a character from a video game, anime, movie, book-- pretty much anything that has a story to it-- and try to act like that character. It's very fun, and also a pretty social activity that is even more fun the more people there are participating. writing is a pretty quiet activity and much less social.)
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