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    Comprehension: 1. They were testing if the five-second rule on food was right. 2. Similarity: Both tossed food on three different floor surfaces. Difference: Clemson tested for only one bacteria with bologna and bread, while Aston tested for two bacterias with a range of foods. 3. Both scientists' conclusions differed. The scientist from Aston University stated that if the food was dropped on a sterile floor or surface, the chances of it being germ-free would be thin, but possible. However, the scientist from Clemson University declared that no matter where or how long the food had been on the ground, bacteria will infest. Critical Thinking: I believe the conclusion made in Clemson because I don't think any floor can be fully clear of germs, no matter how hygenic it is.
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    Comprehension: 1. They are abandoned by their herds because it is feared that they will attract lions. 2. She met a female baby elephant who was attacked by poachers. They were able to help her. 3. It is situated close to the forest because it is home to the most intact wild elephant population. Critical Thinking: Saving Elephants
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